About Me 

Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my blog. 
I began this blog in 2016 as a way to catalogue my experience with mental illness, anti depressants and counselling. 

Since then it has evolved, as has my entire life, more than I could ever have expected. 

These days, in addition to writing about mental health, I write about self love, body positivity, and plus size fashion and style.

If anything, I hope that this blog provides women of all shapes and sizes with a safe space, free from shame and guilt, to explore the idea that they have the right to love and accept themselves and their bodies, just the way they are. 

In our society, this idea is a radical and defiant one. It contradicts everything that we have been socialised to believe, calls into question our sense of self and identity, and requires constant critical analysis of the world in which we live. It may not be an easy road, but I can speak from experience when I say it is the only road to unconditional self love, authentic living, and happiness. 

My mission is to spread this idea. It’s a daunting task. By following my blog, you can help me to achieve my goal and join the international tribe of women who are unapologetically loving themselves. 

Thank you, welcome and good luck! X