Travel Diary – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

So I’ve just spent two weeks in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and throughout my stay I was getting so many questions from my Instagram followers about the resort that I decided to compile all of the info and my thoughts right here!


First of all, I stayed at the TUI Family Life Nevis resort. We had an all-inclusive package so all food and drinks in the resort were free. We got a TUI transfer bus from the airport to the hotel and it was about a 40 minute journey along the coastline, so very scenic.

The Reception

When we arrived I was immediately impressed. The reception area was huge, modern, clean and comfortable. It (like everywhere else) was heavily air conditioned too so we could get a much-needed break from the 32 degree heat. We checked in quickly and a bell boy took our bags and walked us to our room.

The Room

Our room was perfect. It overlooked the spa pool (yes – there’s a spa but I didn’t get around to using it) which was really pretty at night when it was lit up. The room was definitely small but not tiny and we had more than enough storage space for the two of us. The bed was comfy, air-con worked really well, the walk in shower was nice and powerful and overall I have nothing bad to say about any of it. It was a happy little home for us while we were there.

The Pools

There were four outdoor pools and one indoor one. The main pool is enormous. I mean, enormous. It also had adults pool slides behind it. The only other pool we visited was a smaller kids pool that had kids slides and climbing areas in it. The other pools looked great and seemed much quieter but we were happy to hang out at the main pool everyday in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. I was really happy to see that they allowed inflatables in the pools too. The only downside was the sun beds which were crap really.

The Food

Beside the main pool was an indoor snack bar. From 10am to 6pm it was constantly stocked with salads, fresh fruit, burgers and chips etc, grilled fish and meat and more alocholic and non-alcoholic drinks than you could possibly imagine. In the afternoon they started cooking fresh Belgian waffles and I cannot possibly explain how delicious they were. I mean – there are no words. And it was all free. There was a seating area inside the bar and outside it, but you could also bring your snacks/drinks down to the pool area.

There was also a main restaurant which opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a cafeteria-style set up inside with nicely laid tables out on the balcony so you got more of a high-end restaurant feel. Honestly I can’t fault the food they served. There was an INSANE amount of choice for every meal and everything was delicious. Our only problem was knowing when we were too full to eat another bite and stopping ourselves from going to get more.

The Shop

There was a small shop near the main pool area that stocks all of the usual things; toiletries, inflatables, small toys, lots of alcohol, chocolate and ice creams and crisps, flip flops, sunglasses, sun hats, postcards, cigarettes etc. It had everything that you’d need it to have – but not atm (although it did take card).

The Entertainment

This is very much a family resort that’s focused on kids and so, there was an entertainment show on every night. They had a really cool outdoor amphitheater with a bar and lots of seating around it. The shows varied from night to night. The best one was probably the fire-eating dancers. But every night was good craic. And the kids just lapped it up. They’d all go right down to the area in front of the stage and sit and watch the show while the adults chatted, had a few drinks and watched the sunset behind the stage. It was really nice.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go if you don’t have kids though. Sunny Beach strip is just 15 minutes walk away or a 5 minute taxi ride and there are more bars and clubs there than you could ever need. So, whether you have kids or not, there’s plenty to keep you busy at night.


Day Trips

There were loads of day trips on offer but we really only did two.

On one day we went to the aquapark and it was AMAZING. At the center of the park was a pool bar where you could get a huge range of cocktails. Right in front of the bar was an enormous ship that acted as a stage for a band – band isn’t the right word because these guys were absolute entertainers. They were dressed as pirates, but not kids pirates, more like edgy adult pirates and they were singing everything from Nirvana to The Prodigy. It was a bit mad, but brilliant. Then they had competitions where they got people up from the bar to do tugs of war and slightly x-rated balloon bursting competitions. It was really funny to watch as you chilled in the water, sipping your mojito! Besides that there was about a million slides and pools and snack areas etc. It was by far the best water park I’ve ever been to, and the rest of the family agreed!

On another day myself and Rosie visited Nessebar – a nearby fishing town. We took an open top bus from Sunny Beach Central and the journey was about 25 minutes along the coast. Nessebar itself is really pretty. It kind of reminded me of Marbella old town. The buildings are very traditional, there are flowers everywhere, the restaurants all serve fresh fish brought in on fishing boats that morning, and the harbor was just gorgeous. It was really stunning. We pottered around, taking it all in, buying fridge magnets and the usual holiday crap before having a delicious seafood dinner that was unbelievably cheap. To finish it all off, we took a water taxi back to the resort which cost about €1 each. HIGHLY recommend.

My brothers went quadding through the mountains on another day and they loved it. There was also tonnes of water sports along the beach that we never got around to trying. Honestly, the pool was just too relaxing to be bothered but I would have loved to give paragliding a go.

Other Bits

I don’t know what else to say, except that we had a fantastic two weeks. The staff were lovely and even though Rosie decided not to bother with the kids clubs, they looked like loads of fun. Everything in Bulgaria is suuuuuuper affordable. Taxis are a bit mental though – the Bulgarians seem to see driving as a sport. The weather was HOT at between 30 and 34 degrees everyday.

When the time finally came to pack up and head home, none of us were too happy. We all would have stayed for another week and I’d happily go back again.

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