I’m Changing My Personal Style – Here’s How And Why

Recently I posted on my Instagram stories about how I was doing a massive clearout of my wardrobe and selling a lot of my clothes. I’ve had a few people ask me why and I’ve been tempted to talk about the reasons on my stories, but I thought I’d write a blog post about it instead.

To explain, we need to go back in time. This time three years ago I had finished a year of therapy and come off my anti-depressants. I was still learning to accept my body and love it as it was, and I was working hard on continuing my eating disorder recovery journey on my own. But throughout all of this, I was really enjoying experimenting with clothes for the first time ever.

Since I was a child I believed that fashion and style were for thin bodies. I thought that as a fat girl, I could only “get away with” wearing certain styles, cuts, shapes and fabrics. Everything I owned reflected this belief and once I started to see that there was absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t wear whatever I like, my clothes started to really get me down.

So I embarked on what became one of the most enjoyable, terrifying and rewarding journeys of my life – plus size fashion. Soon I was chucking all of my old baggy black pieces and replacing them with everything I’d always wished I could wear (crop tops, boyfriend jeans, body con dresses, jumpsuits, midi skirts, bodysuits and so much more).

For the following three years fashion played a massive role in my mental health. As cringe and ridiculous as that might sound, clothes were my way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, challenging my own boundaries, learning to care less about what other people think and showing the world the person I was becoming. It was very exciting and in the words of Marie Kondo – it sparked joy!

2019-01-01 (1)

But I’m not that person anymore. I don’t really have boundaries when it comes to fashion. There isn’t anything that I’d be afraid to wear, or that I think my body wouldn’t look great in. I don’t feel the need to show the world that I don’t care what it thinks of me, or to step outside of my comfort zone. And because of this, I’ve been looking at my wardrobe differently.

When I looked at my wardrobe, I started to see chaos. There was no one style that stood out. There was no cohesive color pallet. It was a mish mash of everything you could imagine. It looked like I had taken sections out of the wardrobes of 10 different women and just thrown them together to make my own. And it’s been bothering me.

I also noticed that I had started to gravitate towards a specific kind of style on Instagram. I was following new accounts like Laura’s Little Locket and Life in The Fash Lane who’s style I love so much. They’re consisted and predictable, which sounds really boring but is actually super beautiful. I was spending hours looking at their posts, reading their blog posts and watching their YouTube videos.

2019-04-03 (3)

2019-04-03 (1)

I just couldn’t get enough of the classic shapes and tailoring of the crisp blazers and tapered trousers. The soft neutral tones and infinite shades of greys, beiges, creams and pinks drew me in. And the versaility of each piece in each look impressed me so much. These girls make their clothes work hard and they get so much more value from them than I eve got from mine. I was hooked.

That was it. Having discovered accounts like these, I couldn’t stand my own wardrobe and the total lack of personal style it displayed. I needed to create my own style and I needed to do it now. So began the clearout.

A few hours later I had reduced my wardrobe by about two thirds, and now I’m busy selling my wares on Instagram. I’m also quite busy repopulating my wardrobe with pieces that I love and that all form part of this new cohesive style I’m loving, including these:

(ps: click on the images to be taken directly to the product page)

2019-04-03 (10)

2019-04-03 (12)

2019-04-03 (13)

2019-04-03 (14)

2019-04-03 (15)

I’m really excited for this next phase in my personal style journey and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Sarah x



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