Skincare as Selfcare – My Love Affair With LUSH

So I was scrolling through my phone today, deleting old photos and videos, when I came across a video that I made MONTHS ago for a blog post I planned to write. I had spoken a lot about why I love the skincare bran Lush so much, and a few of you asked me to write a post sharing the products that I used. So, I made a really nice video of all of my products and then immediately forgot all about it!

What I Use and Why

I’ve been using Lush Cosmetics for a really long time. Throughout my teenage years it was my brand of choice because I really loved their image, their ethos and how much their products stood out from the other boring bastards in the skincare market. However, there were 3 specific things I adored about them:

  1. They were cruelty free
  2. They were chemical free
  3. They were affordable

And, their products worked! I’m not going to pretend that a Lush mask cured me of severe acne overnight though. In fact, I’ve always been blessed with my skin. I never suffered from particularly bad breakouts. I’ve never had oily, dry or sensitive skin. I really did luck out in the dermatological department. But, my skin felt awesome after using Lush products and for me, they were always something I had fun with. Why wouldn’t I use them!?

Here is a list of the products I’ve come to rely upon over the years and that I’ve featured in the video below:

  1. Tea Tree Water – a beautiful toning mist that calming and refreshing
  2. Full of Grace – a facial moisturizing bar that feels so luxurious, absorbs easily and lasts forever
  3. Mask of Magnamity – a face mask I’ve been using for 15 years and will do for many more
  4. Sleepy – a lavender body lotion that gives the softest, smoothest skin (not featured in the vid because I had run out)
  5. Pumice Power – a foot scrub bar that gives you the feet of a newborn
  6. Whoosh – a shower jelly that smells like heaven
  7. DaddyO – a silver shampoo for blondes that don’t want to be brassy
  8. Karma – a solid perfume that packs a punch for a tenth of the price
  9. Bath bombs – my favorites are Intergalactic, Sex Bomb, Twilight, Big Blue, Sakura, Secret Arts and The Big Sleep.

Skincare as Selfcare

Although I’ve moved on to using other skincare products recently, namely a range from The Ordinary, Lush products are still a big part of my selfcare routine. I love nothing more than a 3 hour bath with candles lit, my favorite podcasts and one of my old reliable bath bombs. I find the scent of Sleepy alone can lull me into a sense of calm, and the ritual of using it very comforting.

I think that skincare can be a huge part of anyone’s selfcare practice. This is because it can be a gift to both your body and mind. By establishing a good skincare routine, you are taking care of your body everyday and doing something that it will thank you for. But also, the ritual of setting time aside every night to do something for yourself is great for your mental health.

When I was in recovery, I used to light a candle and turn on my selfcare playlist on Spotify an hour before going to bed. Once I’d done this, I sit down on my bed and slowly work my way through my skincare routine. The ritual of removing my makeup, spritzing myself in Tea Tree Water, massaging my face with Full of Grace, and then gently working Sleepy into the skin on my legs and arms, was in itself therapeutic.

I’d follow this with my gratitude journal, a 20 minute meditation, and then sleep. This routine was a huge part of my selfcare practice for over a year, and one that I know I really benefited from. It’s changed a little bit since then, but the principles remain the same.

If you’re looking to change up your selfcare routine, or establish one for the first time, I can’t recommend incorporating skincare enough. For me, this is a time of day I look forward to more than any other. It’s just for me, my body and my mind. And we’re all so much better off for it!

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