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My name is Sarah and welcome to my humble little corner of the internet. I decided it was high time I created a blog post for any newcomers that I could pin to the top of my blog, so that people can check it out and get a feel for what they might find here.

So, here’s 10 random facts about me!

  1. I’m 28 years old and Irish.
  2. I was on The Late Late Show in January 2018 talking to Tubs about body positivity and fatness and other awesome things.
  3. I’ve suffered from acute depression, been suicidal, survived and recovered like the badass queen that I am!
  4. I really really don’t like olives and I feel uneasy about the people who do…
  5. I once fell off a treadmill in the gym in front of my #1 crush.
  6. I used to suffer from binge eating disorder (you can read about that here!
  7. I work in digital marketing writing stuff about things for people. I really like it!
  8. Sex is very important. This is basically my entire philosophy on life. If you disagree, you should probably leave now.
  9. I have an 8 year old daughter who’s very weird and cool.
  10. I’ve loads of mad things like… been on Mother of Pod talking about sex parties, whinging at Joe Duffy about fatphobic advertising and flounced around in a bikini for the Sunday Independent Life Mag.

I began my Instagram account in January 2017 as just another plus size girl desperately trying to love her body. Since then my account has become a source of inspiration to thousands of Irish women who face that same challenge every day.

I’m honored and humbled to be able to help women like me make peace with their bodies. It’s an incredible privilege! I blog about everything from fat shaming to self care, plus size style to mental health, and along with my Instagram account I now have my own website (no shit sherlock) Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a following of almost 5k. I love the little family I’ve built around me and it’s a joy to see it growing every day!

Basically though, what it all boils down to is this:

My aim is to spread the message that self love and happiness aren’t exclusive to one body type, and that everyone and anyone has the right to feel beautiful and powerful in the skin they’re in.

If that’s what you’re here for then welcome, enjoy, and please feel free to get in touch!

Sarah x

Published by Sarah Tyrrell

I work as a Social Media Marketing Manger. I'm interrioirs obsessed.

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