The Self Care Hack You Need To Know

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I know that you guys are as into the idea of self care as I am. My self care posts get so much positive feedback and engagement, and you’re always asking for more.

If you haven’t already, check out my 4 Self Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Blue.

It’s so great to see so many people investing in themselves and their mental health through self care practices. Especially since it can be a surprisingly challenging thing to do. We’re all so busy all of the time. We’ve got so much on our plates. Finding 5 minutes for yourself can seem next to impossible. And as much ass we should all try to do it, saying no to people and putting ourselves first just isn’t as easy as it sounds.

But self care is necessary for us to be the best, happiest and most productive versions of ourselves, both physically and mentally. You can’t pour from an empty cup, right?

So,what can we do to practice self care every day when we’re spread so thinly? Here’s one of my favorite self care hacks that I think will help you to do just that!

Create A My Wins List:

I’m sure you’ve heard about gratitude journals. Well this is sort of like a gratitude journal, but it’s a little bit different.

This is ideal for when you’re on the go and short of time but in need of a little pick me up. A “My Wins” list can be created using the Notes app in your phone (I’m pretty sure that every single smart phone has one of those apps as standard nowadays).

Create a note and title it “My Wins”. Then, set a reminder for maybe four or five different times throughout your day. Each time the reminder pops up on your phone, add to the list. The list is for things that you’ve done that were good. Simple.

It doesn’t have to be “I saved a baby from a burning building” type stuff either. My Wins List usually consists of stuff like;

  • I got up early and made it to the bus on time
  • I threw some laundry into the machine before I left the house
  • I got a little bit more work done today than I did yesterday
  • I called my Granny to check on her
  • I took the dog to the beach
  • I cooked a homemade meal
  • I went to bed early and got a great sleep
  • I texted my friend to see how her exam went
  • I posted that form that I’ve been meaning to post

The point of the list is to remind you that you’re actually not as useless as you think you are. Every day you do things that are little wins, without even realizing it. We don’t count these things as wins because we expect so much from ourselves, but by taking note of them throughout the day, they can really help to turn our sense of self worth around.

This is a quick, easy and simple little hack that can become part of your daily routine. Once it does, you’ll notice a big change in how you feel about yourself!

Don’t forget to share you My Wins Lists with me when you do!

Sarah x

Published by Sarah Tyrrell

I work as a Social Media Marketing Manger. I'm interrioirs obsessed.

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