What’s in My Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

In a recent post I talked about how I plan to buy less trend driven, fast fashion pieces and instead opt for timeless stylish pieces that I’ll wear season after season. You can read that post here! 

I decided to share with you guys my plans for said capsule wardrobe. I’ve put quite a lot of thought into this. I’ve written lists of key staples for each season and organised them in order of which ones I want most. I’m sure that this list would look differently for everyone, but I’ve drawn on my love of color, slight androgyny and simplicity to figure out what I really want.


  • A brightly colored cocoon coat
  • A good quality camel trench coat
  • A lightweight denim jacket
  • A really nice fitted long-line blazer in check
  • Two or three pairs of Birkenstock sandals
  • A pair of boyfriend/mom style white jeans
  • Some Adidas/Nike sliders


  • A borg lined denim jacket
  • A good waterproof puffa coat
  • A long black belted wool coat
  • A pair of real suede block heel ankle boots in black and in tan
  • Some really warm and cosy, brightly colored, high-quality wool scarves
  • Some Adidas/Nike trainers

That’s pretty much all of the stuff I want to focus on stocking my wardrobe with. They’re all pieces that I think I’ll get the most value from and the ones I want to invest in. Of course I’ll always love wearing fashion-forward, on-trend pieces. I love to make a statement and pushing boundaries by wearing clothes that fat girls typically shy away from. That’s a really important element of my own personal style that I’d never want to lose. But I want those fashion-forward, on-trend pieces to comprise a minority of my clothes, not the majority. By styling them with the classic pieces which will make up my capsule wardrobe, I can ensure that I’m true to my own style while using my money in a way that makes sense.

Here are some great images of some of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing examples of the pieces on my list!

Screenshot (95)

This bright blue cocoon boat on the beautiful Bethany Rutter. 

Screenshot (99)

These monochrome striped Adidas sliders on Asos Lottie.


These bomb boyfriend jeans on Curvy Roamer.

Screenshot (97)

This gorgeous blazer on Daniel Vanier.


This really cool lightwash denim jacket on Sarah Hanrahan.


This borg lined denim jacket on Curvy Nyome.

Screenshot (101)

This beautiful lambswool scarf on Callie Thorpe.

Screenshot (102)

These sick Adidas Originals on my go-to fashion inspo, Grace Victory.

What are your plus size wardrobe staples? Comment below and share your ideas with me!

Sarah x

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