My Decision To Go Cruelty Free

I’ve always been a real animal person. From my first ever family pet, Gerry the gerbil, at five years old I was destined to love my furry friends. Growing up we had two dogs called Buddy and Susie, two cats called Tutti and Fruity, a horse called Bailey, Gerry the gerbil and endless amounts of fish. Not all at once, they were spread out over the years. But it’s safe to say that at one time or another I’ve always shared my life and home with at least one family pet. Since graduating into adulthood myself, I’ve made sure that Rosie grew up in that same animal friendly environment. Right now we have two cats, and our rescue dog, Lucy.

Aside from the actual presence of animals in my life, I’ve always loved watching wildlife documentaries. From my earliest years I’d love nothing more than to curl up on the couch and let David Attenborough blow my mind by showing me a world full of weird and wonderful creatures in far off places. In my teens I began to watch more and more tv shows about animal rescue, which opened my eyes to the persistence of animal cruelty and the despicable affects it has on its victims.

To cut a long story short – I’m an animal person through and through.

So why have I been using cosmetic products that are tested on animals this whole time? Well to be honest, it pretty much comes down to laziness. I was always really aware of the fact that big companies like Rimmel tested their products on animals, but having never actually researched the topic I believed that this was something that all companies did. If I had researched it sooner, I would have realised that there are actually a huge and growing number of cosmetic brands that have gone cruelty free, and that as far as choice is concerned, I’ve got lots more than I expected!

So once day I was scrolling through Instagram and I somehow stumbled across an influencer I hadn’t heard of before. Well actually that’s not true. I’d heard of her but had decided she wasn’t my particular cup of tea. But in this instance I stumbled across a post in which she mentioned her choice to only use cosmetics brands that didn’t test on animals, so I decided to check her out.

Stephanie Lange really isn’t the kind of influencer I would usually follow. I mean no offense by that, but I’m just not that big into beauty and her content is very much centered around very extreme (and remarkably creative) make up looks, so it just isn’t my thang. But I was so taken aback when I realised she refused to work with brands that tested on animals. I started to flick through her posts and came across one where she mentions a website that lists all of the cruelty free cosmetics brands, and all of the ones that test on animals. What a cool resource, I thought, so I checked it out.

Cruelty Free Kitty is amazing blog that not only index’s all of the cruelty free cosmetics brands, but also posts regular content on make-up and beauty products and related topics. When I discovered it, I spent hours perusing not only the list of cruelty free brands, but also all the amazing blog posts on the best and newest products available. This place is heaven for any beauty addict, which I’m really not, or anyone looking to expand their knowledge of cruelty free brands and products.

I think the most helpful resource on the website is the comprehensive brand registry it provides. I remember scrolling through the list and almost jumping for joy when I saw the name of my favourite make up brand listed under the cruelty free heading. I’ve been using Catrice products for years and they’ve slowly but surely replaced MAC as my favourite brand. So obviously I was THRILLED to see that they’re already cruelty free! How lucky am I? I did however notice some other brands that I use regularly like Pantene listed under the non-cruelty free heading, so I have had to make some changes to the products that I use. But having them all listed there made it so much easier for me to choose what to use. It’s a godsend for any one who wants to go cruelty free!

Published by Sarah Tyrrell

I work as a Social Media Marketing Manger. I'm interrioirs obsessed.

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