My Four Favourite All Female Podcasts

A couple of weeks ago I asked you guys if you’d be interested in a blog post on my favourite all female podcasts and you said HELL YEAH! Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts that had been on my ‘to-listen-to’ list for a while, bevause I wanted to know exactly what was out there before I chose my favourites.

I’m pleased to report that they’re actually are a lot of all female podcasts available. This seems to be an ever growing trend and no matter what you’re looking for in a podcast, I’d say it’s fairly safe to say it’s out there.

Personally, I most enjoy podcasts that are catered to listeners my age and produced and presented by girls my age. I like a podcast where shit gets real. I like a podcast that makes me lol. I like a podcast that’s genuinely informative and engaging. And I like a podcast that feels like chats between friends.

Most of the podcasts on this list tick all of those boxes for me, but there are some that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve included each for a reason though as they all offer something different and I think it’s important to listen to a range of different styles to keep our minds open. Some just make me laugh, others make me questions things, others make me jump and down and scream ‘ME TOO’ at my phone. Either way, I love them all and hope you’ll find something here that you’ll love too!

Sarah x

1. Girls With Goals

I love this podcast. Produced by and presented by Niamh Maher, each episode tackles a different theme and yet, they all have the same ‘I’m struggling with adulting’ kinda feel to them. Each episode includes a sports segment in which Niamh interviews an Irish female athlete. I’m not a sporty person myself but I think it’s awesome that the podcast celebrates our female athletes who are typically ignored or undervalued. Some of the guests Niamhs had on include Irish fashion icon Courtney Smith, comedian Joanne McNally, lifecoach and author Sarah Doyle, and me! (《~ yes, this does make me biased towards Girls With Goals, deal with it). Niamh herself is utterly hilarious and a fantastic, super relatable and talented presenter. This is a must listen for any girl in her twenties or thirties who has an interest in, well… anything!

2. Mother of Pod

Ok… where do I start? Mother of Pod is a lolfest. Do not listen to it in a library, or mass, or anywhere that you’re required to be quiet. Because you will scream laughing. You will. Presented by Sophie White and Jen O’Dwyer, this podcast is essentially the recorded chats of two lifelong friends who also happen to be young mothers, discussing how shite motherhood is. That’s essentially all there is to it. It’s so refreshing! If you’re a Mum, or you’re preggers, or you’re for some other reason in search of auditory contraception, this is the podcast for you. Apart from the fact that these two girls are inexplicably funny, they’re also a shinning beacon of hope and solidarity for all the mums out there who feel like they’re failing. If you hated breastfeeding, listen to this. If you soak your knickers every time you sneeze, listen to this. If you haven’t slept since the birth of your now three year old child, listen to this.

3. It Galz

This podcast is absolutely great craic. The two girls who run it, Stella Jade and Jenny, are obvious besties and bursting with personality. They’re so comfortable in front of the mic, there’s literally no telling what’s gonna come out of their mouths! Like for realz… no topic is too out there for these girls. From sex to feminism to beauty blogging to boyfriends, you name it, they’ll talk about it. I love how unfiltered they are. It’s incredibly refreshing and admirable considering a lot of what they say is fairly controversial stuff. If you’re looking for brutal honest discussions of real life problems from a pair of ballsy girls, this is the podcast for you!

4. The Women’s Podcast

Cathy Sheridan presents this Irish Times podcast and hosts the most impressive selection of guests on the show that you’re almost guaranteed to find an episode thst features someone you admire. This podcast is definitely much more serious in tone than the others on this list and tackles difficult issues like bereavement, abuse, politics, and more head on. The calibre of the women who feature on this podcast is such that you can’t help but sit up and listen to the things they say. I like to think of each episide as a recording if the latest meeting of the Women’s Council of Ireland.

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