Friday Five A Day

I’ve decided to start posting five plus size pieces that I’m loving every Friday. This is because I know there are lots of plus size girls out there who feel nervous or afraid to wear the clothes they really love because they think those clothes are only for one specific body type.

That’s just not true. These days the availability of on trend pieces for bigger bodies is better than it’s ever been, and I do think that a shift is taking place in the minds of many plus girls as regards what they “can” or “cant” wear. Brands like Misguided are featuring plus size girls in their tv ads, sending us the message that they want to dress us in the clothes we love, and that just because our bodies are bigger doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fashion as much as standard sized girls. Yes, there’s no denying that plus size fashion is still extremely limited and brands have a lot more work to do to be more inclusive. But the tide is turning and the age of plus size style is finally upon us!

So without further ado, here are your Friday Five A Day.

Sarah x

1. New Look Wide Fit Caged Sandal, £25.99, available here.

I absolutely looooooove these sandals for both winter and summer. Imagine pairing them with white jeans, or a simple sundress. Gorge!

2. Asos Curve Florence Authentic Straight Leg Jeans, £32, available here.

These jeans are the biz. I love a high waisted boyfriend/mom style jean. They’re great for wearing with crop tops or teaming with bodysuits.

3. Forever21 Floral Wrap Maxi Dress, €25, available here.

I love maxi dresses because not only are they perfect for summer, but they’re the ideal transitional piece too. Team this with a biker jacket and ankle boots now, and strappy sandals in a few months time.

4. H&M Patterned Jumpsuit, €59.99, available here.

This jumpsuit is fab. It looks so comfy too. Waaaaaaant.

5. River Island Plus Blue Mid Denim Skirt, £35, available here.

This skirt is so versatile, but I can see myself styling it with motif tees and trainers all year round. It’s a bit of a bargain too considering how much wear you’d get out of it.

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