How To Respond To The Health Police

One of the things I hear from followers all the time is that they don’t know how to respond when people question them about their health. So having encountered this problem a million times myself and really perfected my response to the point that I don’t even have to think about it anymore, I thought I’d share it with you guys here so you can use it too.

When somebody says to me, “I think it’s great that you’re body positive but what about your health”, or “I know that you’re feeling more confident but what are you planning to do about your health”, this is what I say.

1. My Health is Mine

First of all, my physical health is literally none of your damn business. I wouldn’t dream of health shaming another person or demanding that another person share their personal health info with me, so I expect the same treatment. I don’t owe you my health, or my health info. Back the eff off.

2. Health Isn’t Black & White

The idea that all thin people are healthy and all fat people are unhealthy is intellectual laziness at best. There are so many factors that contribute to our health that doctors and scientists have still barely scratched the surface. Yes, weight is one of an infinite number of factors. It’s not the be all and end all of health and to assume that I’m unhealthy just because I’m fat only tells me that your a dope and really not worthy of my time.

3. Respect Isn’t Health Dependant

Even if I am unhealthy and everything you say is true, what does it matter? Do you always measure the amount of respect you give someone based on your perception of their health? Is that really the kind of person you are? When did that become Ok? You don’t need to like me or fancy me or agree with me, but you damn well need to afford me a basic level of respect that all humans deserve, whether you think I’m healthy or not.

Please remember that while The Health Police do tend to be our Mums/Dad’s, friends or family or other forms of wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are NOT being kind. You may think they’re acting out of love, hell even they probably think they’re acting out of love, but they’re NOT acting out of love. When they question you about your health and you feel yourself tear up, you are NOT overreacting. You have EVERY right to be pissed off and fed up by the endless interrogation and dismissal of your privacy. And you are ABSOLUTELY within your rights to sit those people down, look them dead in the eye, and use the above three points to make it crystal clear to them that you will NOT be taking anymore questions on your health.

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