The Secret To Setting Goals: New Years Resolutions That Work

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! But you know what? I’m delighted that it’s time, once again, to establish my priorities and set my goals for the year ahead.

I know it’s easy to dismiss the idea of New Years Resolutions. After years and years of making the same old resolutions and watching ourselves fail over and over again, of course it’s hard to muster up enthusiasm now. But guess what? I think I’ve figured out why it’s been so hard to stick to resolutions in the past, and how we can stick to them in the future.

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

In the past, my New Years Resolutions have always been based on my insecurities. When thinking of what resolutions to make, I always chose things that I thought would make me “better”. I’d resolve to lose weight, get my teeth whitened, to get fitter, to eat cleaner. It was always focused on becoming the person I wanted to be.

But when I was motivated by insecurity, of course my resolutions were doomed to fail. They were rooted in the idea that I wasn’t enough, so I doubt that I ever really believed I could achieve them. After all, my opinion of myself was so low that I felt like a walking, talking failure. So why wouldn’t I fail at my resolution.

I realise now that the secret to setting New Years Resolutions that I can actually achieve lies in making sure I’m motivated by self love, not self hate.

This year I’ve decided to set myself three New Years Resolutions. I’ve thought really long and hard about them because I was determined to chose resolutions that were motivated by self love.

There’s loads of stuff online about how to set achievable goals. Most of them say the same things; that in order to set achievable goals your have to be

The goals I chose were:

  1. Buy A Car
  2. Travel More
  3. End The Year Debt Free

Buy A Car:

I’ve always driven. I started driving when I was in school and have owned a car pretty much ever since. But two years ago when my depression was at its peak and I was on medication and in therapy, I had to give my car up. For the past two years I’ve gotten accustomed to not being on the road.

It’s been really tough getting used to the lack of independence, but when you hit rock bottom you don’t really have any choice but to get on with things.

Two years later I’m fully recovered and finally earning decent money again. It’s time to get back on the road and close this chapter of my life. I can’t wait to get behind a wheel of my own again. It’s going to feel amazing.

Travel More:

This seems like an obvious choice. Everyone wants to travel more. But how many of us actually set that as a goal? This is because travel is totally selfish. My resolution to travel more isn’t benefiting anyone but me. It’s just something I want to do for me! And we’re so nervous of doing something that’s totally focused on just making us happy.

Do I have the money to travel to Bali and spend a month in lotus? No. I do not. But I do have the money to take my daughter on a short holiday and then go on a separate one with friends. I’m even thinking of squeezing a stay-cation spa break or two into this year. And I can’t think of a better way to spend my money!

End The Year Debt Free:

This is probably my biggest challenge. Anybody who knows me will agree when I say; My name is Sarah Tyrrell and I am bad with money. Before you start tutting – it’s not all my fault. Over the last years of my depression my mental health really affected my ability to work. I went from one part time job to another and slowly but surely I built up some debt.

Although the debts I have aren’t big at all, they weigh down on me. I’m hyper conscious of them and really look forward to the freedom of being debt free. This goal is definitely the most challenging of the three, but I believe I can do it. Because you know what? I deserve that freedom and I’m determined to give it to myself.

So, these are my New Years Resolutions for 2018. I’m kicking off the year feeling really positive and excited about them, because I know that for the first time I’m choosing resolutions and setting goals that aren’t about making other people happy, or about turning myself into the person I think I should be.

For the first time, I’m setting goals and resolutions that are about giving myself the things I want and deserve.



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One thought on “The Secret To Setting Goals: New Years Resolutions That Work

  1. I enjoy your take on resolutions, and it seems like you have come up with good ones this year that will get completed. I will be putting up a post with my resolutions later today!

    Happy New Year!


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