5 Tips for Online Dating for Plus Size Girls 

So your fat, single, and ready for a change? But how do you deal with the whole weight thing on online dating sites? Even if you’re body positive, it can be tricky. Trust me I know, I’ve been there.

This seems to be a challenge that many fat girls face. I’ve had lots of followers get in touch in recent times, asking for advice on how to be honest about their bodies online. So I decided to throw together a few tips for you ladies based on my experience.

1. Pictures Are Required

Twelve pictures of your lovely smiley face aint gonna cut it if your serious about meeting soneone. When I’m crusing an online dating app, I automatically disregard profiles that don’t include full length pictures. At least one picture of your body, head to toe, is required. No excuses please.

2. Don’t Be a Catfish

We’ve all heard of the dreaded catfishing phenomenon. Some of us have been victims of it. Don’t be that person! You may have been taught all your life to only use pictures that are ‘flattering’, but in the world of online dating honesty really is the best policy. If you take a snap and are thrilled beyond belief with how thin you look in it, don’t use it. Be honest. Be realistic. Be yourself.

3. Sell Your Self Love

Believe it or not, people are attracted to people who love themselves. Men in particular, who are so used to super self conscious women, find self loving women refreshing and sexy. Talk about this. Get it across in your profile. You don’t gave to say ‘my name is Emma and I have a beautiful fat body’. But you can say something like, ‘my name is Emma and I’m a self confessed chubby chick’, or ‘cutie with a booty’, or ‘plus size and proud’. Make sure the person reading gets a sense of your self love, they’ll love it!

4. Leave The Anger At The Door

Very often I get messages from followers, and it’s immediately clear to me that they’ve got some anger issues. I understand it. The world has been a bastard to you. It’s made you feel worthless, so of course you’re angry. But anger isn’t attractive. And it seeps out subtly in the words you use. Keep your profile positive and upbeat. You don’t want to appear bitter or resentful. That’s really not a turn on.

5. Open Your Mind, And Your Heart

There’s one thing that all fatties have in common; we’ve been beaten down. We’ve been taught, for our whole lives, that we’re unattractive and undesirable. But the truth is, we’re just a type. True, not everyone’s gonna fancy us. True, most people won’t. But there are lots of people who will love you for your body, not in spite of it. This can be very hard to accept. Especially for self love and body positivity newbies. But I promise you that it’s true! You’ve got to open up to the idea, so that when one of these lovely humans does message you online, you won’t immediately dismiss them.

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Published by Sarah Tyrrell

I work as a Social Media Marketing Manger. I'm interrioirs obsessed.

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